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About us


Unique Products - Unique People 

When set out on a journey you remember the people that you meet along the way, and they remember you.

At Artimov we love to put you in touch with a world of opportunity so that you can discover something truly amazing. Every one of our straps has been tailored just for you, and to reflect their unique personality they’ve each been named. We didn’t choose the names, they did. 

By putting luxury at the center of everything we do, we make sure that everything we’re proud to put our name to is made from the finest quality materials by masters of their craft. With every single product lovingly made and dispatched to your door, we take great pride in providing an Apple watch band experience like no other. 

We source the latest designs, the most durable stitch work, and the most comfortable materials. When we bring them all together we can create the touch of luxury that will make you smile. Our goal is to make luxury purchases the new everyday option that everyone deserves. 

Welcome to the world of Artimov.